The Wallaby Ranch

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Books, T-Shirts, Artwork
and Aerotowing items

Some unique items available nowhere else:
Ranch Gift Certificates Any value for pilots and students
Ranch Wear Caps $15
  Short Sleeve Shirts $20
  Long Sleeve Shirts $25
  Polo Shirts $35
  Sweatshirts $40
  Speed Sleeves $40
  Surfer Shorts $30
  Drink Coolie $2
Artwork by
Lori Sanchez






  Notecards (ten 5 x 7" cards and envelopes) $25
  Prints (18 x 14" mounted and ready for framing) $30
  Poster (16 x 22" mounted for framing) $30
Aerotow Release a.k.a. the Wallaby Release (the finest sold world-wide) Velcro/non-scuff mount, adjustable, proven, tested $130
V-Pull Bridles Special Spectra braid/long lasting, use on any harness, proven, tested $10
Secondary Release Desirable back-up, proven, tested, will operate under load, not clunky $20
Carts, Tandem Wheels, etc. All items to do with aerotowing can be found at the ranch.
Hang Gliding Books
by Dennis Pagen

Hang Gliding Training Manual : Learning Hang Gliding Skills for Beginner to Intermediate Pilots

Towing Aloft : Learning to Surface - Tow & Aerotow Hang Gliders, Paragliders & Ultralight Sailplanes, (with Bill Bryden)

Performance Flying : Hang Gliding Techniques for Intermediate and Advanced Pilots

Understanding the Sky

Powered Ultralight Flying

Powered Ultralight Training Course

(his wife, Claire, wrote an article about the ranch in the European Hang Gliding Magazine)

$10 - $35
Shipping anywhere in the USA usually $5
Not so unique Items new and nearly new in excellent condition.
All makes of Gliders, Harness/Parachutes, Helmets, Vario/Altimeters
Our gliders stay in fantastic shape. Set-up/broken down on grass and rarely put on a rack. $ call or email