The Wallaby Ranch

Ranch Services
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Wallaby Ranch Services and Rentals, Open Daily
  Standard Tandem Instruction Flight to 2000 ft
  Tandem Instruction Flight to 1000 ft
  10 Lesson Package (standard Tandem)
  20 Lesson Package (standard Tandem)
  Advanced Tandem Thermal Instruction
  Lessons include tows, ground school instruction and all necessary equipment. We start flying at 7:30 a.m. when the air is smooth and teach as long as conditions allow. Early and late in the day give the best odds for smooth air.  
Glider Rentals
  Novice Gliders (WW Falcon)
  Intermediate Gliders
(Pulse, Sonic, Eagle, Saturn)
  Advanced Gliders
(Ultra Sport, Shark, Super Xtralite)
  Topless Gliders
(Fusion, La Mouette, Laminar, LiteSpeed)
  Ultralight Sailplane / Rigid Wings
  Releases are provided on all rental gliders
Equipment Rentals
  Harness, including Parachute and Helmet
  Vario / Altimeter
  Aerotow Release


Glider Storage
  Day use is more than 1 hour total use.
Renter is responsible for the repair or replacement of damaged equipment.
Add 50% to Rental Fees for Out-Landings.
Everything is fully guaranteed -
If you're not Happy, you don't pay!