The Wallaby Ranch

And for Those of You Who Are Already Hang Glider Pilots . . .

Information for Experienced Flyers

  • For the Student Pilot
    The Ranch solos 5 times more aerotow students than any other school. Many people start at different places, become frustrated with weather and the training hill process, hear about us, and then end up finishing their training at the Ranch. Our teaching methods are widely regarded as exceptional.

  • For the Low-airtime Pilot
    It is easier to learn to thermal at the Ranch than anyplace else. Consistently excellent weather (A non-flyable day is extremely rare.) and a large, easy landing field mean that you can count on getting as much flying done as you want. If you happen to get flushed on a particular flight (Who doesn't now and then?), you can go right back up again immediately--there is no need to break down or hitch a lift back up to launch. We have four aerotugs and a staff of seven . . . plus, you can take off directly into the wind no matter which way it's blowing. All this combines to create the best possible learning environment. New solo students have racked up hours of airtime in their first few flights here.

  • For the Recreational Pilot
    If your primary goal is to have a good time, the Ranch is the place for you. No other soaring site boasts the comforts and extras that we have. Not only will you get plenty of great thermalling, but you and your whole family can enjoy our many amenities, and our friendly, laid-back country atmosphere.

  • For the Competition and Cross Country Pilot
    World record holder Larry Tudor says the Ranch is one of his favorite places to fly. Like so many other champion pilots, he also feels this is the best place to take a hang gliding vacation. Lots of hardcore pilots train at the Ranch in the winter to take advantage of the year-round soaring. Sunny days and a mid-state convergence zone called the Florida Ridge mean abundant thermals. Ranch records show that this state, flat though it may be, is great for hang gliding. One of our pilots took off from here a while ago and landed on the beach more than eighty miles away . . . he was found by the retrieval crew in a surfside bar flanked by a couple of bikini-clad admirers.

  • For the Pilot's Family and Friends
    They can just drop you off while you spend the day flying. The non-flying activities available here. From Disney World and all the other famous Orlando area attractions to the lesser-known diversions such as snorkelling in Florida's crystal clear springs or canoeing down one of our many scenic rivers, there is plenty to do no matter what your budget. This variety of entertainment often astonishes the typical hang glider pilot's family, who are acustomed to the usual spartan launch and landing zones.