The Wallaby Ranch What's New at Wallaby?

Davis Straub Flies 212 Miles!

May 20, 2000 Read all about it!

April 18-24, 1999

Wallaby Open 450 pt Aerotow / Cross Country Meet

Call or e-mail the Ranch for details, please include your phone number so we can get right back to you.

March 23-28, 1999

Wills Wing 26th Anniversary and Demo Days

Come try out the latest from Wills Wing!! Should be a blast!

Spring 1998

Atlantic Coast Championships

The first all-aerotow 450-point meet in the U.S. is a big success. Mike Barber wins the flex wing division, while Ramy Yanetz takes the stiffy division in the Millenium. Many competitors find that hanging out by the pool is more fun than kicking rocks on top of some mountain.

December 1997

Wallaby #1 School in the Nation for 1997!

According to the USHGA Wallaby Ranch in the top school for pilots getting their first rating.

Fall 1997

Exxtacy Rigid Wing

The highest performing glider in the world is available for daily demos at only one place in the United States - The Wallaby Ranch. Call or write for more info

New Hangar!

A brand-new, large-capacity, general-aviation-aircraft-type hanger has recently been added to the Ranch, meaning that more gliders can be left permanently or semi-permanently set up and stored in the shade. O the convenience!

Spring 1997

New Florida State Record

Mike "Hollywood" Champlin - The Florida State and Wallaby Ranch Record was broken on April 5, 1997. Wallaby Ranch to Lake City, Florida: 147 miles (235km thanks RZ) by Mike "Hollywood" Champlin. Mike did the flight on a Moyes SX 4 he rented from Wallaby. Mike earned $250 for breaking the Florida Record from Wallaby. Mike Barber, Davis Straub also flew over 100 miles from Wallaby on the same day.

Bunkhouse Opens

- A new rough sleep area is available. One step up from camping in a tent.

Winter 1996-97


- Ranch hand Ryan Glover was the second highest placing American at the World meet. He was the only person in the top 10 without a topless glider. He out scored many national and world champions. Congratulations RYAN!

Topless Gliders

All major glider companies - will have the topless version at the ranch for demo. Expected dates end of Feb.

Wallaby #1 School in the Nation

- 4 Times as many people learned to fly at Wallaby using tandem training than any other school.

December 1996

700 flights

- happen just between Christmas and New Years.

November 1996

80 mile plus flights

- 3 people have flown over 80 miles each from the ranch this year. Larry Tudor, Gary "Sugarman" Davis, and Mike Champlain (last year's 100+ flier).

September 1996

All major manufacturers

and styles of gliders available for demo. Fly before you decide on your next glider.

October 1996

Shark Invasion

- 3 Airborne Sharks, the top glider from Airborne Australia, are now availabe for demo.

July 1996

Team Wallaby Member US National Champion

- Semi-official Wallaby Team member - Larry Tudor thanks his sponsor the Wallaby Ranch, we mean, uh Wills Wing.

June 1996

The Thermal Index Report Generator

- Is a high powered tool for predicting soaring conditions. We secretly use this while visiting pilots think the ranch staff has prescience.

May 1996


- Featured hang gliding at ranch on the program Ultimate Flights.

April 1996

Wallaby is the #1 hang gliding school

- More students learn to hang glide here using Tandem and aerotow techniques than any other school.