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World Team Academy Course Topics

Our clinics and individual training programs cover an appropriate selection of the following topics, depending on your needs and skill level. Most of our topics are covered by both classroom sessions and actual flying sessions.

XC Skills
  • Cycle recognition (hills and flatlands) - choosing the right time to start your XC flight
  • When to get off the line (aerotowing)
  • Thermalling techniques
  • How to fly upwind, downwind and crosswind
  • Speed-To-Fly
  • Realizing when it's time to set up for a safe landing and stop searching for lift
  • Launch and landing techniques
  • Scoping out unfamiliar landing zones from the air and executing a safe landing
  • Detecting wind direction with only natural indicators
  • Use of drag chutes
  • Emergency parachute procedures
  • Anti-tumbling techniques
  • Awareness of common dangers
Competition Skills
  • How to get started and what to expect from yourself
  • Pilot and weather briefings - how to use them
  • Organizing retrieval
  • Equipment required: glider and instruments
  • Proper radio communication - in the air and for retrieval
  • Navigation - map setup and GPS use
  • Turn point and goal identifications
  • Course line planning
  • Gaggle flying
  • Team and solo flying strategies
  • Choosing the right time for you to go on course
  • Mid-flight gear shifting
  • Final glide calculation - with and without high-tech instruments
  • Goal crossing
  • Non-goal finish and pinning in
  • Scoring and protesting
  • Task Committee skills
World Team Qualification
  • What to expect
  • Team flying
  • Personal planner
  • Glider transport
  • Realistic goals
  • Attaining sponsorship
  • Is it worth it?
World Record Attempts
  • License
  • Barograph procedures
  • Paperwork
  • Flight planning
  • Photo procedures
  • Observers and witnesses
  • Proper filing of documentation

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