The Wallaby Ranch

For Sale at the Ranch

Some of the cleanest and best kept
pre-owned gliders in the nation.

Gliders for Sale at the Wallaby Ranch

These gliders are set up and broken down on grass.
Kept on site in our PVC glider condos. Rarely car top 
carried. Dozens of people have bought a glider from us 
over the phone, none have been unhappy with their purchase.  
Following is a partial list; others may also be available. 

Make 		Model 		Condition	Weight Range
Airborne 		Blade Race 141 	Good 		143-231 lbs
Airborne 		Shark 156 	Excellent 		176-287 lbs
Airborne 		Shark 156 	Good/excellent 	176-287 lbs
Airborne 		Sting 154 		Good 		149-276 lbs
Airborne 		Sting 2 XC 175 	New 		176-298 lbs
Airwave 		Pulse 10 meter 	Fair 		115-150 lbs
Airwave 		Pulse 9 meter 	Good
Airwave 		Xtreme 150 	Good 
Icaro 2000 	Laminar 13 	Excellent 		55-85 KG
Icaro 2000 	Laminar 14R 	Excellent 		65-100 KG
Icaro 2000 	Laminar ST 14 	Good 		65-100 KG
La Mouette 	Topless 13.5 	Good 
La Mouette 	Topless II 146 	Good 
Moyes 		Litespeed 5 	Excellent 
Moyes 		Litespeed 5 	Excellent 
Moyes 		SX5 153 		Excellent 		160-260 lbs.
Moyes 		XS 169 		Fair 
Moyes 		XS2 142 		Fair 		100-200 lbs.
Moyes 		Xtralite 137 	Excellent 		130-240
Moyes 		Xtralite 137 	Fair 		130-240 lbs
Solar Wings	Scandal XKR 13.6 	Excellent 		68-95 KG
Ultralite Products	TRX 140 
Wills Wing 	Eagle 164 	Excellent 		150-250 lbs
Wills Wing 	Falcon 140 	Excellent 		120-210 lbs.
Wills Wing 	Falcon 170 	Excellent 		140-230 lbs
Wills Wing 	Falcon 170 	Good 		140-230 lbs
Wills Wing 	Falcon 170 	New 		140-230 lbs
Wills Wing 	Falcon 195 	Excellent 		150-275 lbs
Wills Wing 	Falcon 195 	Fair-good 	150-275
Wills Wing 	Fusion 150 	Good 		150-275 lbs
Wills Wing 	Fusion SP 141 	Excellent 		145-220
Wills Wing 	Talon 150 	New 		180-275 lbs
Wills Wing 	Ultrasport 135 	Excellent 		125-210
Wills Wing 	Ultrasport 166 	Excellent 		175-285
Wills Wing 	XC 155 		Excellent 		170-280

Other makes, colors, and styles: new and pre-owned 
available just ask.

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The Wallaby Ranch
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Wallaby Ranch, FL 33837-9358
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