The Wallaby Ranch


More than any hang gliding site in the world!

There's plenty of space. And all the other amenities, there's little reason to leave.

Did you ever wonder how a person can get so dirty just flying around in clean air? Me neither.

Same question applies.

A necessity in the summer, and a social center.

ATVs & minibikes
Makes it much easier to get around the hundreds of acres.

Very Important!

A 7/24/365 kid-pleaser. And we like it too!

Coke machines
Which displaced our old Pepsi machine.

Glider Storage
Your glider can be stored at the Ranch in our Kite Condos. Gliders are well-supported, and protected from the sun and rain in large diameter PVC tubes.

Mountain Bike Trails
200 acres of oak, cypress, and tropical wildlife.

Running and Walking Paths
Paths have been installed throughout the woods surrounding the flight park.

Climbing Wall
One of the largest climbing walls in Florida is at the Wallaby Ranch. It won't get you quite as high as the Dragonfly tug, but it'll feel high enough for most.


A cross between horse shoes, golf and pitching pennies.

Satellite TV
RCA Digital Satellite System (DSS). 175 channels of music and shows.

Barbeque Grills
Just add fire!

Ping Pong Table
Take on the local experts.

We've added another line for our visitors and computer users.

Real facilites for men and women - not portables.

Ice Machine
There's just no substitute.

Screened-in Barn / Rec Room
Home to the ping pong table, coffee maker, coke machines, microwave oven, satellite TV, electronic dart bard and various bizarre seating devices.

Coffee Maker
Bring your own gourmet beans.

200 Acres of private land

Massage Therapy
Massage has found its place at The Ranch. Laurie is our licensed massage therapist.

RC Instruction from Rhett Radford is available. Rhett is one of the most accomplished radio controlled model pilots in the world. Watch him thermal up an RC sailplane after just a hand toss.

Golf instruction is available from Ryan Glover, a scratch player in college, let him improve your game.