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News Release:
Mark Gibson and
Mike Barber will be
flying La Mouette
during the upcoming 1999 competition season.

La Mouette and
Personal Flight, Inc.
are the Official Glider Sponsors for the World Team Academy.

Demo the
La Mouette Topless at
World Team Academy.

The Nation's Only Learning Center Dedicated To Advanced Flight Training.
For The Demanding Pilot!
What we offer.

In no other form of aviation does the training stop after the pilot solo's! But in hang gliding this is what actually happens. We aim to change this! WTA is offering Advanced Flight Training for pilots wanting to reward themselves with World Class guidance not available anywhere else on the planet. WTA guides have over 40 years of high level flight experience and have traveled the world over. We've been there, done that! The demanding pilot now has a place to go and perfect those advanced skills necessary to safely fly over the horizon, with some of our sport's most knowledgeable pilots, giving you personal guidance. We have programs developed for Intermediate to ranked comp pilots. If you are looking for your first XC experience or trying to improve your current ranking WTA has a clinic for you. Or work on individual skills "one on one" with a WTA instructor.

Where is World Team Academy?

Located in the heart of Florida at the World famous "WALLABY RANCH". The Ranch has a reputation for excellent service and incredibly consistent soaring weather. Ask any pilot who has flown there, and he'll tell you he loved it! Mom and the kids will too, it's 15 min from Disney World! This site has produced so many 100 mile flights we've lost count, including the Florida XC distance and duration records.



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