The Wallaby Ranch

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)

How to plan your hang gliding vacation.

How do you hang glide in Florida?
A specially designed ultralight tows the hang gliders up into the sky. Learning this way is much faster, easier, safer, and more convenient than mountain launching. We teach this way more than any school in the nation.

What is tandem hang gliding?
A USHGA-certified tandem instructor and a student fly side by side in a hang glider built for two. This is the best way to learn to fly.

When can I do it?
The ideal time to learn to hang glide is in still, calm air. Usually this means early in the morning and later in the afternoon. The Wallaby Ranch offers tandem training every day of the year, weather permitting.

How safe is it?
Hang gliding, when done conservatively, is one of the safest forms of recreational aviation. It depends largely on the training and operations policies of the particular site, and the Wallaby Ranch has a reputation for being over-cautious and very patient. It has paid off: we have an excellent safety record.

How high will we go? A regular tandem flight goes to 2,000 feet (almost half a mile up). Half-tandems go to 1,000 feet and are used for practicing approaches and landings. Thermal tandems have lasted for hours and been to heights of over 6000'.

How many tandems before I can go solo?
3 tandem flights is what is takes to get your first rating and about 15 dual flights to go by yourself. (Including a few half-tandems towards the end.) Some people take less and some take more. You will know when you are ready.

How long does it last?
A tandem flight lasts about fifteen minutes. The experience lasts a lifetime.

Do I have to buy a hang glider?
No. The ranch has more nice rental gliders than anyplace.

Can I bring my friends and family to watch? What can they do there?
They'll have a blast -- check out the other amenities.

Where can I stay?
On site (you can camp here) or at one of the seven nearby motels.

How long can you fly?
The Ranch record is for over six and a half hours and 100 miles.

What is the best time of the day for flying?
Early morning and late afternoon for students, and the middle of the day for advanced pilots. (Rising air means longer, higher flights, but it also means turbulence.)

When are you open?
7 days a week, all day. If you call and get the machine it is because everyone is outside flying. Someone will get right back with you.

How much does it cost?
A tandem flight costs $75. Half-tandems cost $50. This price includes everything: all your equipment, the instructor, glider rental, and the tow, plus ground school. A package of ten tandems costs $650. Once you learn, a tow costs only $15, and a beginner glider rents for $15. Gift certificates available.

How do I get there?
We are just minutes off Interstate-4, a few miles from Disney World. See the directions.

Do I need a reservation?
No. You don't even have to pay unless you feel it was worth it. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Please do call ahead so we know when to expect you, and you'll know what to expect. Gift Certificates are available.

Can I get trained and checked out to fly elsewhere?
Yes. We can get you ready to fly anywhere, including mountain sites. Once you know how to fly, learning to foot-launch will not be difficult. We can sign you off with all your official ratings, too, so that no matter where you go, people will know what your skills and abilities are.

Who will I fly with?
You will fly with one of the most experienced and qualified USHGA-certified tandem instructors in the world. Malcolm has made many thousands of tandem flights.

What else should I know?
The weight limit is about 220 lbs. for tandem students, less if conditions are not perfectly ideal. Hang gliding is very weather dependent. Good conditions for beginner solo flying, tandem flying, and advanced flying are not the same. Fortunately, here at the Ranch the weather is good most of the time. Weekdays are usually less busy than weekends. Appointments are suggested, but not necessary.

What are the prices for everything else?
We have kept the same prices for about 4 years. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you think anything you do with us was not worth it you do not have to pay. Email me and I will send you a detailed breakdown.