The Wallaby Ranch

The Masters
in Hang Gliding

Starring Lori Sanchez
Article by Tiki Mashy
Hanggliding magazine, May 2000

Who'd of thought the Masters would emerge in hang gliding. Well, they're here, van Gogh, Seurat, Miro, Matisse and Picasso. I bet these classic art Masters never imagined how cool chick hang glider pilot and professional artist, Lori Sanchez would transform their fine art masterpieces into totally awesome hang gliding art.

Van Gogh

Whether or not you've ever visited Wallaby Ranch surely, by now, you've seen the extraordinary artwork on their shirts, poster prints and note cards. Just looking at the "Fine Art of Hang Gliding" series you can see the incredible blending of the polished Masters reflected in each flying piece.

"This all began four years ago," says Lori, a successful artist by trade, "when Malcolm (owner of Wallaby Ranch) commissioned me to transform a vintage aviation poster to reflect the hang gliding genre." Interestingly enough Lori had never flown hang gliders before accepting the assignment. Obviously a quick fix at Wallaby.

With success, the project yielded what is now Wallaby's signature poster print and one really cute flying chick. Heck, it's not uncommon to find Lori skyin' out above the Ranch in her Wills Wing Ultrasport. "I'm as passionate about my flying as I am about my artwork," comments the Ranch Artist. Basically, the reason her work is so popular amongst the Hang gliding community is that by merely using the tools of her trade, canvas and brush, she captures that wondrous flying energy we all feel after a great flight.

"The response to Lori's Fine Art of Hang Gliding series has been overwhelming," says Laurie Croft, Director of Operations at Wallaby Ranch, "it's taken on a 'collector's item' type attraction. Her hang gliding Art adds class and culture to our sport. That's why you'll not only find many of Lori's prints hanging in people's homes, but also in their offices or at their place of business." What's her next hang gliding project? Well, Lori is presently, once again, drawing inspiration from the Classic Masters (no pun intended) to create a design for the Wallaby Open 2000. Last year's design received tremendous praise and is still in high demand. So there it is, fine art out of the swamps of Florida? Kudos, Ms. Sanchez, and surely the Masters would give you a wink and a nod for your brilliant adaptation of their work.

To order mounted prints and/or handmade note cards from the "Fine Art of Hang Gliding," or any of Lori's masterful shirt designs, you may order by email to: or contact Wallaby Ranch at (863) 424-0070.