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I had a great time there at the Ranch. Thanks for your patience and advice. You've got a great operation. Somehow the balance between effective instruction, safety and fun was perfect. I'm already looking forward to planning my next trip. PS - Arrived home this morning to 30 degrees and overcast. Maybe that next trip will be sooner than I thought. 
George Price, Washington, D.C.

I am writing to express my appreciation for the training I received at the Ranch this past week.
In four short days I lived my dream of hang gliding and was able to log almost five hours of air time over twenty flights. I found aerotowing a most effective way of getting me off the training hill and into the sky.
I commend you in the conservative judgment evident in your training program. Of the many feelings I experienced while at the Ranch...fear was not one of them. I did however develop a healthy respect for the forces acting on a wing in flight. I hope your safety record continues.
Thank you again Malcolm, David, Rhett and Ryan for an awesome experience. Your dedication to the sport of hang gliding is evident. I would not hesitate to recommend aerotowing at Wallaby Ranch to anyone interested in advancing their flying skills.
I look forward to another opportunity to return and continue flying from the Ranch.
Stephen McDowell, DVM Leamington, ONT, Canada

Thanks for the instruction, professionalism, warm & friendly atmosphere and good flying. The Ranch is undoubtedly the finest flight park I have ever been to in my 17 years in hang gliding. Keep up the good work, you have an exceptional operation.
(and from another letter) Thanks for the glider rentals and tows. It was pure pleasure. Hope you guys continue your success. Let me now when you throw your next party - I might make the trip down just for that. Keep in touch.
Greg DeWolf, Tandem Instructor, Kitty Hawk, NC

Malcolm & Dave, Wanted to let you know that the time I have spent here was throughly enjoyable and time and money well spent! I strongly and wholeheartedly feel that the $75 tandem instruction I took was the most effective and valuable lesson and money I have ever spent in hang gliding!! I would highly encourage even the most experienced pilots to humble themselves and take advantage of your insttruction and services Keep up the great work and the obvious safe practices of your organization. Respectfully,
Martin Beckenbach, Danbury, CT

Here is a check for the amount I owe... I'm sure that I'll return soon. Again, thanks for your and Malcolm's help. You run a class operation, and I appreciate it.
Lew Agnelo, NY

Dear Malcolm, Its brass monkey weather here. When I returned there was ice, hail and snow with a freezing 35 knot northwest wind. I still had my shorts and T-shirt on but under several layers of clothing. I had a great time, and so did the others. Phil Swales phoned me on Sunday to say he had gone solo and he was over the moon. I am very impressed by your setup and it is the most productive training method I have seen. We will be sending more people over to you in due course. Please give my regards to all the gang, and extra special tanks to your mom who really made our Christmas extra special. See you again sometime,
Phil Webster, Isle of Man, UK

Just wanted to drop you all a line to say thanks for the incredible experience! As you all know - I'm hooked, thanks to you all! I've got this permanent smile on my face that I don't think will ever leave - what an awesome feeling!!!!
Who knows, maybe the next time I'm out there, I'll be flying solo--catching great thermals (see, I learned something). I plan on continuing this amazing activity wherever I go, but I'm sure there's only one Wallaby Ranch. The people are what make it so fantastic!! I feel I made such great friends!
I miss you all already, but I'm sure we'll meet up again sometime. But for now it's back to reality. Please keep in touch and if any of you are in the area, remember to call - N.Y.C. has got its advantages, even though hang gliding isn't one of them YET! PS - Mom says "Hi".
Andy Z. Hardin, New York, NY

Thank you for introducing me to hang gliding's future, aerotowing. Your professionalism and attention to safety were a welcome confidence-builder for this "weekend pilot." Enclosed is the balance of my bill. Thanks again for the good time. 
Bob Sienkiewicz, Hamilton, NY

Dear Malcolm, I am sitting here in my office reflecting on the great weekend that I just spent at your "ranch". You and all of your staff were exceptionally helpful and friendly. I felt like a member of the group almost immediately. The instruction was perfect, enabling me to be up and soaring in no time. You guys made sure I had a good time while safely and quickly learning to aerotow and then Austin drops me into a booming thermal for my first hour plus Florida flight! I will be up again very soon and will highly recommend your place to my fellow South Florida pilots. Sincerely yours, 
Shelby R. Wright, treasurer, South Florida Free Flight Assoc.

I just received my new USHGA membership card that shows my Novice and AT ratings, and boy am I proud of myself. Thanks for sending the paperwork to Colorado Springs so quickly. I left "The Ranch" without saying goodbye to y'all and thanking you for making my four weeks in Florida absolutely great. When people ask me what I did over the summer, I tell them that I learned to hang glide in Florida. To which they always respond, "I didn't know there were any hills in Florida to jump off." 
I hope to go to the Ellenville... Of course the wind must come from the northwest otherwise there won't be much flying. You guys may have forgotten that much of the hang gliding world is at the mercy of wind direction! ...I hope to return to The Ranch before too many months go by. My "high" is starting to wear off. Thanks again for the great fun. 
Wayne DeVilbiss, Matawan, NJ

How's the weather down there, probably great? What is disappointing about our sport is the fact that we have no control over the weather. It is even harder when you plan a little time away and pray you get a few nice days. I consider myself lucky that we had one beautiful day between the two cold fronts that came through when I was there. 
All that mattered to me was that my girlfriend would get a chance to experience the pleasure of hang gliding. To see Denise's smile when she landed made the trip well worth it. This was her first flight with a hang glider and she loved it. I feel a tandem flight is the best way for a beginner to learn the basics of hang gliding. Malcolm, you are an excellent instructor. I took home a valuable learning experience. I shall return to get my solo flight. Thanks for everything. 
Nicholas Brudnak III, Hasbrouck Hts. NJ

Miss the ranch activity! I am really freezing now in temperatures 10-14 degrees this weekend. Friday morning I found it difficult to go outside after being in Florida for ten days. 
Thank you again for my credit line but more importantly for making me feel so welcomed. I met many people this vacation and I am looking forward to seeing them again. Please tell Dave, Ryan, Kary, Jim & Rhett that I said hello.
You and Dave have a wonderful teaching ability. You both made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Not all teachers/instructors have that ability. It is truly an asset to the ranch success. You seem to balance the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment and still enjoy time for yourself. I am anxious to fly again soon and am looking forward to next year. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. Take care. Hope to see you all soon. 
Tina, TN

First, thanks for being laid-back, cool and groovy guys. Makes the vacation all that much more fun. I had a really, really great time. Being a novice pilot, I learned a huge amount. I mean huge. Considering that prior to coming there I had had two "high" altitude flights off of a 900 ft. hill and had used every inch of the rather ample landing field, this was my first "real" altitude training. And hell, there I was, thermalling with vultures. It was awesome. 
Besides the fact I quadrupled my air time, I learned all sorts of stuff. Like don't drift too far down wind, don't fly too slow in thermals (unless you have some extra clean shorts). All in all, it was great training. So I'm trying to talk some other guys to coming down again in May. There is some definite interest. Even in the flying. ...Again, I had a great time and hope to be back in your air soon. 
Peter Owens, Corvallis, OR

I'd like to thank you again for the excellent vacation I had. My visit proved to be the right combination of flying, golf, horn playing, and kicking back. The people I met (and re-met) are some of the best parts of hang gliding. ...I plan to see you again in about a year, when I return with my family. In the meantime, I'm telling all my friends about the fun I had at the "Ranch." 
Mike McCaslin, Maine

Dear Dave and Malcolm, I had a great time at Wallaby Ranch and want to thank you both for your time and patience in helping me with my aerotowing problems. I have regained my confidence for aerotowing and now realize that if done properly it is much easier than I was trying to make it. I'm aware I still have much to learn, but with the fundamentals clearly established I feel that I can progress with safety and enjoy the pleasure of aerotowing instead of fearing it. Thanks once again, and I hope to see you all soon, Best wishes,
Gary Venning, Bermuda

Can you believe I miss you guys? This morning we got up and it was miserable outside. I suppose it's a beautiful day there. Anyway I just wanted to say THANKS FOR EVERYTHING - we really had a great time at the Ranch. I can't wait to get back down there to get another tandem flight.
Bridget Tenan, Farmington, CT

Dear Malcolm and Dave and all of you, We had a wonderful day at your ranch last Saturday as we celebrated Marc's and Sam's graduation. Thank you for making the facilities available to us and for making us feel so welcome. We'll certainly come again, and will continue to tell our friends how much fun you provide.
Mary Ellen Collins, Orlando, Florida

Dear Malcolm, Dave, and ranch hands, Thanks for the week of big fun at the ranch. I logged lots of hours on the superfloater. Cool! I will be back to the ranch when the weather gets bad up here. See ya all soon, thanks again!! The ranch is now a certified fun zone by the fun zone director.
Woody Jones, Washington, D.C.

Dear Malcolm and David, I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the weekend. Martha and I had a great time, it was a real pleasure from my very first phone call with Malcolm to the last drive out the gate. You really do a fantastic job.
I found the instructional program to be extremely safe and well thought-out. My tandem flights with Malcolm were enjoyable as well as very informative. Your aerotow instructional sheet was also excellent.
I was very happy to be able to solo my spectrum on Sunday morning. David was a great help with his knowledge and instruction beforehand.
My experience with the WALLABY Ranch this weekend was nothing but great. I truly can't thank you enough. Martha really enjoyed the flight, thank you for that also as she has been grounded: it was really nice of Malcolm to show her around.
I think the WALLABY Ranch can be summed up by saying: great people, flying, pool, atmosphere, parties, instruction and.....really guys, thanks again and I will see you soon. Sincerely, 
Jim and Martha Bullock, Miami, Florida

Dear Malcolm, I wanted to again express my heartfelt appreciation.You and your staff made our visit an absolute joy. Having been away from the sport nearly 15 years, I was to say at the least, apprehensive. Now having received training and soloing again, I would strongly urge anyone thinking of learning or reentering hang gliding to fly WALLABY. You guys are the best! I look forward to returning to the Ranch A.S.A.P.! Meanwhile, we will certainly pass the good word along here in Michigan. Until well and prosper. Most Sincerely, 
Michael Brown, Michigan

Dear Malcolm, This may sound ridiculous because I only got one decent flight during the entire four day trip because of the weather but that was one of the best hang gliding vacations I have ever had. The ranch is a very special place and you all are some of the coolest people I have met in the sport.
Dave and I hit it off right away and he was very professional. As a matter of fact everyone was warm, courteous, fun and above all professional. Both Hungary Joe and Rhett were the best tow pilots I have ever been towed by. Dave Fink and Dale had both some bad experiences with aero towing (other places) and I was glad they had the benefit of a great tug pilots to give them a positive experience with this way of getting in the air.
I hope you noted the "when" in that last sentence because it will be a when not an if. The ranch has a special feel to it. I have been telling all of my friends about it and I recommend it to all of the hang one and hang twos that I meet as the best way to learn the sport. I hope you can keep the feeling alive and stay in business at the same time. I will be coming back and I look forward to seeing you again. Thanks again, 
Christian Titone, PA

Dear Wallaby, Thanks for a great time. We are saving up our pennies to come back. We are telling everyone how we tripled our air time in one week. Thanks!
Jonathan and Jennifer, NYC,NY